Product Management Checklist

The Product Management process from A to Z
Product Design

After completing General Assembly’s Product Management course in Jan 2017, I did a retrospective of the lessons and created a sequence of tasks that would help practice what I just learned in any future project.



Keep track of where you are, as a Product Manager, in your current project

Download or print a checklist for your next team meeting

For beginners, learn the different phases of Product Management with a supporting article

Why should this product exist?

Up until that point, product management had not been defined in phases. When finishing the class, it was unclear how to continue practicing it as a methodology. I was aware of the UX Project Checklist and it was clear that something like that for Product Management would help a lot of people.

Icons representing each task in a PM phase

What would be best sequence for a Product Manager?

Information Architecture

The information for each phase and task was arranged in a way that would go from the overall phase into the micro tasks to complete the project:

Task within a phase

Phases: Overall category grouping tasks that would have a deliverable to allow the team move to the next phase

Task: Task that would produce learnings to move forward in a giving phase.

Task description: Why that task is important for the given phase.

“Read more” article: One key article that supports the “why” of the tasks and helps beginners get started.

Introducing the Product Management Checklist


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